About Us

Aarogya MedSurg, LLC engages in the distribution of healthcare products and medical supplies to many different size facilities such as hospitals, clinics, physicians, pharmacies, Dentists, Community Health Center, Vocational schools, Correctional Facilities, State and Government agencies, Dialysis Centers, Spas, and Alternative Points of Care. We provide exceptional personal and professional services to our outstanding customers. We are located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We offer a broad variety of name brand products through our website, to individuals, consumers and businesses throughout the United States. Our customer support is always available through telephone support, staff, field sales representatives and the Internet.

What separates us from the competition is our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations. Aarogya MedSurg LLC guarantees¬†our customers save money by ordering from us. We offer superior customer service, drastic cost savings, quality products, and personalized customer relationships. When you call Aarogya MedSurg LLC to place an order you are NOT an account number, you are a key business partner that we are committed to support, ALWAYS!

We proudly offer: 

  • High quality supplies and equipment.
  • Professional team, outstanding services and valued trading partners.
  • Provide customers with product knowledge and excellent service.
  • Quality inspection and easy returns.
  • Routine training with manufacturer representatives.
  • Ongoing customer input and feedback.
  • Customized customer service plans.

Aarogya MedSurg LLC, a leading medical supply distributor, offers one stop shopping to any and all types of medical facilities that use disposable medical supplies and equipment. Please contact customer service so your business can start saving money today!